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Navigating Your First Visit to The Landing Dispensary

At The Landing, patient education and compassion are our top priorities. Our staff undergoes extensive training to provide best-in-class service and education, whether it’s the patient’s first time visiting a dispensary, or they are veterans of the program.

For those who are visiting our dispensary for the first time, we understand this experience can be a little stressful. But don’t worry, we are here to help navigate you through your first time visiting.

The Landing Dispensary's lobbies are open to the public during store hours (Tuesday through Saturday from 11A-7P) which allows new patients, caregivers, those interested in the program, or those who want to purchase merchandise to enter the dispensary immediately when they arrive.

At each dispensary location we offer one-on-one consultations which can be scheduled ahead of time by calling The Landing dispensary near you or by asking for a consultation when you arrive and check-in.

Once you are checked-in and have filled out our New Patient Intake Form, have a seat and wait for one of our budtenders to call you through the orange door to the dispensary sales floor.

While you wait to be called back, in each lobby of The Landing you will find our daily menus, patient education fliers and information, our merch wall and a public restroom marked by a blue door.

Once you are called back by your budtender, they will assist you through your purchase and help in answering all questions you may have to ensure you select, understand, enjoy, trust and love the products you leave with.

We highly recommend that all patients new to the WV OMC program or to the use of medical cannabis keep a journal to track what products, strains and terpenes work the best for you and your condition symptoms. You can learn more about how to keep “Tabs on Your Terps” by continuing to our blog post.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

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